"i'm an instant star, just add water and stir."

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greetings fellow bowie lovers. my name is sophie and i am obsessed with this brilliant, chameleon man. i've watched countless documentaries and videos and tried to capture my favorite bits. they will now be displayed here.

these are all of my original edits. every picture's click thru redirects to my main tumblr. do not repost!!! just reblog. thank you and enjoy !

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bowie’s in space

boway’s in spiiiice

whatchu doin out there mahhn?


my neuroscience professor is so adorable. he played this song as we walked into class today because the lecture was about auditory and visual receptors in the brain. a lot of people were looking at each other like “what is going on?”. my friend and i were noticing how goofy he looked just standing there sorta bobbing his head to the beat, tapping his index finger on a book lol 

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if you want me to make stills from a certain video, go ahead. i love to make my followers happy.

but don’t ignore me when i tell you the stills have been posted, say thank you !

i’m not one of those vhs blogs that has their stills made for them by some website- i actually take the stills and do all the bits of editing myself. color saturation and tint, contrast, brightness or darkness, rotations and cropping etc etc

i put lotsa love into this blog, maybe gimme some back?? just a little?